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1.               NAME

The name of the League will be the York and District Ladies Squash League (Y&DLSL).


2.               OBJECTIVES

The aim and objectives of Y&DLSL will be to promote squash, at all levels, amongst its members.


3.               MEMBERS

The League will normally be restricted to clubs within a 25 mile radius of the centre of York.  Applications will be accepted at the discretion of the Committee.


4.               MANAGEMENT

4.1            The Y&DLSL will be controlled by a Committee of 8 members of the League, elected at the AGM, consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Results Secretary plus 4 other members.  The officials will be elected from within the Committee.

4.2            The 8 elected members will serve a 4 year period and in order to maintain continuity the change over will be staggered.  At any one AGM there should be nominations for 2 places.  In the absence of nominees the returning Committee member(s) will be invited to stand for a further term.


4.3            Written nominations for the Committee should be received by the Secretary 4 weeks before the AGM.


5                CASUAL VACANCIES

The Committee at its discretion may, in order to fill any vacancy which exists or arises in its membership, co-opt on to the Committee or make any appointment to the Committee, including the Officials.




6.1            The Committee will meet at least 5 times a year and at such other times as the Chairperson may direct.

6.2            The Chairperson of Y&DLSL will preside at all meetings of the Committee. In the absence of the Chairperson a Chairperson will be selected from within the members present for the duration of that meeting.

6.3            There will be an Annual General Meeting of Y&DLSL each year.  The business of the AGM will be to:

6.3.1         Receive and adopt a statement of accounts by the Treasurer of YDLSL and receive a copy of a report by the Resultszone Secretary, Competitions Organisers, and the Chairman of activities of Y&DLSL during the preceding year.

6.3.2         Consider and sanction any change to the Constitution.

6.3.3         Elect officers.

6.3.4         Deal with any special matters which the Committee desire to bring to the AGM.

6.3.5         Receive suggestions from the members for consideration by the Committee.

6.3.6         Transact such other business as may be provided for by the Constitution.

6.4            Every AGM and Extraordinary AGM of Y&DLSL shall be open to members of all squash clubs affiliated to Y&DLSL and a notice of such meetings giving the date, time and place shall be sent out to all teams.

6.5            Minutes of the meetings will be recorded and a copy of the Constitution kept.


7.               QUORUM

Eight (5) persons including not less than two (2) officers of the Committee will constitute a Quorum for a meeting of the Y&DLSL and not less than three (3) members for a committee meeting.


8.               FINANCE

8.1            The Y&DLSL financial year will be from the AGM each year.

8.2            The Committee may authorise expenditure out of the Y&DLSL funds for the furtherance of the League.

8.3            The Treasurer shall keep proper books of accounts and advise and report to the Y&DLSL and Committee on all financial matters and shall present a statement of the accounts to the AGM.


8.4            The funds of Y&DLSL shall be under the direct control of the Committee and shall, as soon as is reasonably practical be lodged by the Treasurer in an account opened in Y&DLSL name at such Bank or Building Society as Y&DLSL shall select.

8.5            No member of Y&DLSL shall receive payment either directly or indirectly for her services or for other than those legitimate expenses incurred within its work.

8.6            No person shall be authorised to contract debts or financial liability on behalf of Y&DLSL except in pursuance of the direction of the Committee

8.7            No member of the committee should find themselves individually or jointly liable for any loss, damage or injury as a direct or indirect result of enforcing any of the Y&DLSL Rules.


Amendments to the Constitution may only be made at the AGM with a two thirds majority.  Proposed amendments shall be included with the notice of the meeting. Members should submit proposals within 28 days of the AGM.

10             GRIEVANCES

Any person playing in Y&DLSL having any comments, suggestions or grievances regarding Y&DLSL structure or operation should write to the Secretary (or Chairman in the absence of the Secretary).  Any such issues will be discussed at the next committee meeting in the strictest confidence unless otherwise instructed.




Updated 6 July 1994

Updated and approved at AGM – 1st July 2013