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Rules for League Matches – 2018/2019 Season







Every club should have a copy of The Rules of Squash, which ought to be available to all Team Captains these can be obtained at a cost of £3.00 from the World Squash website http://www.worldsquash.org/. You can also download abbreviated rules f.o.c. from the website and guidance on lets and updates on new rules.


Please ensure your team is aware of the rules on interference, injury and bleeding and turning Rules of Squash 12 and 16.








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Rules for League Matches from September 2018









The home team captain is to confirm the fixture to the away team captain at least two weeks before the match.


Once a fixture date has been agreed prior to the start of the season (taken to be 2 weeks before the Club’s first match) the match can be rearranged for extenuating circumstances (e.g. inclement weather, facility problems such as heating, refurbishment etc., lack of adult supervision for school teams).


If a team is struggling to play 4 or 5 players then they may approach the opposition to see if they would be amenable to rearranging the fixture.  If they are and a suitable date can be found then the rearranged fixture may go ahead. If the opposition team is unable to accommodate the rearrangement then the original date holds.


In the event of the fixture having to be rearranged, both captains are responsible for informing the Results Secretary within one week of the cancelled match date. Ideally they should inform The Results Secretary of the new date at the same time or within 1 week following the original date. If, in the unlikelihood, that no new date is agreed, then the team requesting the rearranged fixture concedes the match


If a match is conceded, for whatever reason, then the captain of the team that has conceded is to inform the Results Secretary a.s.a.p.





Home teams will be responsible for booking courts to allow sufficient time for all matches to be played, lighting and refreshments and the supply of new balls.  NB Out of courtesy the home team captain is to be advised how many of the away team are staying for food.







Teams will consist of 5 recognised full paying club members who will play in order of merit.  Clubs wishing to enter a squad of more than 5 players for any one team must nominate those players also in order of merit 







For clubs with more than one team, players nominated for a higher team cannot play on any occasion for a lower team(s).   A player in a lower team can play up 4 times over the whole season for a higher team.    On the occasion of their playing a 5th time for a higher team they become tied to that team.  Should the club undergo a re-ranking of teams, which means a player is moved into a lower team, then the playing up rule for that player only is reset to zero.







If a club enters more than one team to the league, players must be nominated in strict order of merit right through the teams i.e. from number 1 in the first team to the last nominated player in the third team.






All team players must be nominated and the Results Secretary notified before their first match.  A club which is fielding more than one team must nominate ALL its teams’ players at the same time, BEFORE any of its teams’ first matches


Re-nominations can be made at anytime, but must be within 7 days of the given match. No last minute nominations will be accepted.  







The committee reserves the right to question the order of merit and suggest re-nominations, if necessary.








Re-nomination due to extenuating circumstances will be allowed at any time, at the discretion of the Committee, but must be by phone call or e mail and confirmed by a committee member before the match takes place.








Yorkshire League and County League players are eligible to play in York & District Ladies Squash League.  These players must be nominated in order of merit within the Clubs team/s.  Please refer to Rule 4 for clarification of how players should be nominated.








Teams may only play one junior boy in order of merit, aged 14 or under, (not necessarily the same one) in any number of matches.  Further, the lowest team in a club that is struggling to put a team out may consider the use of a second boy, providing he is under 12  and played in the appropriate ranking.  No boy/s nominated for a man’s team other than the lowest division can play in the ladies league.








The Dunlop Revelation Competition double yellow dot squash ball is to be used at all matches and competitions.  If a player wishes to use the Dunlop Revelation Pro single yellow dot she/he may do so only if their opponent agrees, otherwise the double yellow dot must be used.  This rule applies to each game played i.e. the choice of balls for any one match does not run through all five games (in the case of team league matches).








All games will be marked:  The Home team will provide the markers and the Away team the referees, in the absence of a referee the marker may act in both capacities.  NB Any player has the right to ask for a different marker or a referee before the start of their game; however any change must be agreed by, both players.








In the event of none of the Home team players being available to mark a game, the Away team player on court should be asked, as a matter of courtesy, before the game commences, if she/he has any objections to a non team player marking and/or refereeing a game.  If the Away team player does have an objection then one of the Away team players should be asked to mark the game.








Games are to be the best of 5 with setting i.e. if the game reaches 8 all, the receiver is to choose “set 1 or set 2”.








All teams will be awarded points for any one game won with an extra 5 points to the final score of the winning team.






When a team has to play a match short of one player, the 5th game is conceded and the remaining players are to play in order 1 to 4.  Similarly in the event of the team being short of 2 players then the fourth and fifth games are conceded.








All players should arrive and be ready to play by the start time of the match, with at least 3 players arriving 10 minutes before the start time of the match. If a captain is aware that a player/players will arrive late for a match, she should advise the opposition team’s captain as early as possible, and certainly no later than the start of the match i.e. if the player is a lower positioned member of the team, then arrangements could be made for her/him to play later or last.






If the player/players’ arrive after the completion of all the games played by the team members present, their games will be conceded.









If a player/players’ absence results in the games being played out of order then their games and any lower games will be conceded.








Injury time:  for injury time see The Rules of Squash, published by World Squash Rule 16 Bleeding, Injury and Illness.


Warm Up Time:  Before the start of a match, the two players are allowed up to 5 minutes (2½ minutes on each side) to “warm-up” themselves and the ball on the match court.


When a ball has been changed during a match, or if the match has been resumed after some delay, the players may warm-up the ball to playing condition.


The ball may be warmed-up by either player during any interval in the match.


The time between all games is to be 90 seconds.  Play is expected to be continuous in each game once a player has started serving.  There should be no delay between the end of one rally and the start of the next one.  Ball bouncing by the server, if excessive, can be regarded as time wasting.  If the receiver is clearly uncomfortable with it, the marker should apply Rule 17 of the Rules of Squash and start with a warning.


Conduct on court:  Offensive, disruptive or intimidating behaviour in squash is not acceptable in squash.  Included in this category are: audible and visible obscenities, verbal and physical abuse, dissent, abuse of racket, court or ball, unnecessary physical contact, excessive racket swing, unfair warm-up, time-wasting, late back on court, deliberate or dangerous play or action and coaching (except between games).  Markers should again apply Rule 17 of the Rules of Squash and start with a warning.







All results are either to be

  • Added by the Club/team results secretary directly on Resultszone within 7 days of the match being played
  • Or forwarded electronically or by post by the home team captain to the Results Secretary within 7 days the match.  The e-mail should also be forwarded to the away team captain, so they can challenge any error in the scoring.










If a team should withdraw from the League leaving another team from the same club in a lower division in the league, then their position in the League will be decided upon by the Committee.








In the event of a tie in the league points at the end of the season and matches won and lost are the same then the teams should play a ‘play off’ match to decide the outright winners.








New teams entering the league will normally start in the lower division unless the Committee, using it’s discretion, feel the team would be too strong.




25                       Having discussed the use of googles at the 2017 AGM for Juniors, the use of goggles

 for all players under the age of 19 years in competitive games will be compulsory,

as applied and approved by England Squash at all sanctioned events.





Amended Pursuant to AGM June 2017

Amended pursuant to AGM June 2018



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